Clutch basket gear removal

How do I remove the gearing from the clutch basket? Installing a new rekluse basket.




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To begin, working from the inside of the basket, you drill the expanded ends off of the 8 rivets holding it together, then drive each one out the back side, being careful to support the driven gear backing plate around each rivet as you do.  Then, you'll need to press the kick starter gear out of the old basket and into the new one, again, using proper support.  An arbor press is usually adequate and a little heat helps get the new one on.  


Then it bolts back onto the driven gear cushion unit with the bolts that should be supplied with the basket.  Use red LocTite, and follow the instructions carefully.

Thanks! I got as far as pressing the gear out of the old basket. Rekluse recommends freezing the gear and heating the basket to get it into the new basket. Don't have an arbor press to get the gear out of the old basket but I'll figure something out.

i heated the old basket with a blowtorch and used a brass punch to get it out.. once the basket was hot the gear came out really easily. i used a vice to hold the basket.


follow the rekluse instructions with heating and freezing and the gear will drop right into place in the rekluse basket... 

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Freeze the gear for at least 20 minutes to completely "soak" the low temperature into the steel.  Use an oven to heat the basket to 250-275 ℉ max. for 15 minutes.

Drill out the rivets on the back side (plate side) with a 1/4" or so bit.  Just drill center with a punch mark until the heads come off.  Then press out the inside gear with a BIG vice or arbor press.

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