R&R forks on 09 WR450 - Should it be hard to move them?

When removing my forks, they were really hard to move. It took lots of effort to twist them and drop them from the clamps. The pinch bolts were removed and I am able to see movement in the clamp when I insert something into the cut and wedge it open a bit.

Same with installing the forks, lots of twisting and pushing. Lots of force needed to move them.


Am I missing something? Should the forks slide easily in the clamps?


Thank you in advance

Different peoples definition of "really hard to move" are different, but mine don't tend to be that hard. 


Are you positive that the forks and triples match? It's possible someone swapped forks to a size that's a little bit off or something (a friend decided to put forks that were 54mm at the lower clamp into triples that were 53mm, against my advice). How big of a gap is there at the pinch bolts when the forks are clamped in place? How big is the gap when the forks/bolts are removed?

Mine require both hands twisting and pulling / pushing to move them. The required force is almost coming up on tools needed to move them. To me it feels like there was an adhesive or something. This is the first time i have ever removed forks and it surprised me how much it took. I was thinking when i removed the last pinch bolt, the fork was going to fall on my foot. I was spinning the leg thinking it was threaded. Finally a twist and hard pull moved them and i had to work them out by twisting and pulling.I triple checked every nut & bolt making sure i didn't miss any. I slightly wedged the gap open just enough to verify it was free and moved. I wrote it off as i am getting old and soft but as i was putting them back in i still couldn't believe how much effort it took to slide them in and spin them. I cleaned the inside of the clamps and the tubes to make sure something wasn't sticky.

Everything is stock, never taken off before.

The gap is fairly small, say 1/4" ish. It doesn't change too much with or without the bolts that i remember but i will pay close attention to it. I can for sure see movement in the loop went i pry on it, at least showing that it is free and able to move. I didn't force or beat on anything too hard it just surprised me how much it takes to move the tubes around.

Yes, they are snug, takes both hands, and seem to only want to twist in one direction when removing.


I use a plastic construction wedge in my clamps and they move much easier



My 07 forks were very difficult to R&R within the triples. I cleaned up the triples and sprayed silicone lube to little effect.

I always use a flat blade screwdriver to pry the lower clamp open when moving my forks. It's a real PITA otherwise.

Thanks guys. It helps to know they don't just easily slide when undone.

I went home for lunch and got the pinch bolts torqued.

Get the wheel on and the plastic and it is rolling.

I have vice-like grip strength and am able to remove my forks without trouble. Just kidding - but seriously. One thing that is important though is to make sure both your hands and the fork tubes are completely clean so you can grab them better - grippy gloves can help, too. Not really a pro tip, I guess, but it makes a big difference.

Pulled the forks out of my '07 this morning with very little effort. Stock forks, stock clamps. Your clamps might be slightly off centre, try loosening the steering stem nut. And make sure it's all spotless before reassembling obviously.


If the fork legs is pulled through the clamps dirty it can scratch the inside of the clamp and fork leg. Check both for damage and smooth off any high spots with wet 'n' dry

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