How soon to ride after collarbone break?

How long was it before you guys that have broken collarbones felt strong enough to ride again? Mine broke into 4 pieces, but does not require surgery. Half my chest turned yellow all the way from the top of my shoulder/neck down to my nipple. I dont know whats worse, the broken collarbone or the flak from co-workers, boss, friends, and family. Perhaps at 41 I should "grow up" and quit the only sport/hobby that I am so passionate about.

Couly :)

Ride if you want to STAY young........if you want to get old and fat just listen to your co-workers.......maybe you could join their badmitten league or learn how to play horse shoes!!! Do what YOU want! I went thru the same thing last yr when I broke my foot in 7places! BLA BLA BLA are 34 years old for hells sake, dont you think you should have outgrown this phase yet????? "yeh maybe you guys are right. I think i will take up championship doughnut eating like you guys!" "Hey boss, while you are going to the vending is a BUCK.....can you pick me up a BaLOW ME sammich while you are there?"..........oops did I say that outloud.??!!!!! :):D

I started riding again in about 5wks!

The very next day, Pain Killers and beer does the trick

Untill the Doc says so or you are making money at it like a pro

:D I am 44, When I bought my 00 everyone I knew told me I as nuts, I have had three back surguries, 3 Left Knee Scopes(Some years Back) Dislocated Shoulder(Damn Husky), Shatterd Right Wrist and Rebuilt by a great Surgeon(251j)His name was spies and the freak ran my front wheel over exiting turn 2 at Lodi Cycle Bowl, and many many more cuts and abrasions. I took 10 years off of riding and was misrable and it got worst as time went on. Now that I have the 00, My Woody is back, :D My Kids love the time we spend out there, and I have a blast. Do I get nuts ? No Way, the deal was I crash and get hurt I sell the bike :) , But then real plan is to get my wife a xr100 and let her decide when its time to quit.....

I will never stop riding again, until they pry my dead cold fingers from around the Throttle ...

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5-6 weeks for me.

Ditt's on the 6 weeks. It sucks to sit out that long but it's better than waiting 3, falling over and having to wait another 6. Let it heal unless it's how you earn your paycheck.


Couly-No matter how many pieces you got you must consider how bad the break really is.I broke mine last year really bad and it was almost 12 weeks before I could ride. I was 37 so I can tell you that older riders like us wont heal as fast as the 20 year olds. I hear all the time about guys riding in 3 or 4 weeks, but I hate to tell you yours sounds pretty bad so take your time.Collar bones can have a problem called non union and thats a real mess-this can be caused by doing to much to soon. You really should ask your orthopedic doctor not your friends. Also by the time I could ride my muscles were pretty wasted.Physical therapy can really you in the long run so get some if you got insurance.

I broke mine in early Dec. I rode in Feb. Took it easy though. Did the easy trail ride first to test it out. Id give it at least 6 weeks. Kinda depends on how much movement you have in the break and for how long. My advice, hold as still as you can for the first 4 weeks post break. Ive heard of younger guys riding in 18 days. I'll be 40 in july, I took a lot of crap from the people at work too, just tell them to turn back around and finish watching they're gilligans island.

I got a seperated shoulder last summer and I still feel a little weaker on that side, but I took 8 weeks off from riding. Got a nice lump there now, guess I need to get a matching one for the other side.

Hey SMP, a separated shoulder is a little different than breaking your collarbone. If I had my choice, breaking the bone is much better that a separated shoulder, sadly, I do speak from experiance. A separation tears ligaments, which take a long time to heal, in my case a full separation, it was 3-4 months before I had much mobility, riding after 8 months. The collarbone "only" took 4-5 weeks, but I still missed alot of riding time no matter how you look at it.

I feell of a bars tool and broke my nose, it was about 20 minutes before I could drink again.

Wait are talking about the same thing

Oh Sorry

Get your self on a good regiment of diet, and exercise, take calcium, vitamans E and stuff. If you have a Phy Therpist yet talk to him / her about quick rehab training. Also just take your time your body will tell you when to go as well as your mind. The best advise is from the Dr and PT (Well The Dr unless he rides or is a sports DR), then half what he tells ya. Realisticly about 6 weeks max for a bone break as they say. You know yourself better then anyone here so you judge it. all this includding mine is donky fodder

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Yeah BK14MX, I think I would rather have had the broken collar bone instead of the seperation, its been 9 months and I still feel the lasting effects from that one, mine was not totaly torn apart...I wish they could have reset the clavicular to its original position, but they said they do not typically do anything about it.

I wonder, now that things are kinda out of place, what a similar impact to the same spot would do?

I broke my ankle real bad a couple years back. Not only was it broken but a bunch of ligaments tore away from both my foot bones and my tibia/fibia and they basically shredded. Got a coule screws holdin everything together now . I didn't even WALK for about 8 weeks, then I had an big dorky air cast for another month or so, then i limped for about three more months. It was about 8 months before I rode again. My ankle still hurts, I've just grown accustomed to the discomfort and it doesn't bother me much anymore. I think ankles are one of the worst breaks behind back neck and skull. They never seem to heal!!

Couly, you might consider a Race Collar by EVS sports. If your fracture was a result of your helmets blunt force contact with your collarbone. This should reduce the severity of that type of injury. After seeing 3 broken collars, I don’t leave home without it. Also I agree w/Egoahole Painkillers And Beer!

Good Luck,


Hey SMP, collar bone sticks up a little right above the shoulder socket, from the separation. My collarbone, left side, has a pretty good size bump. Doc was going to pin it, but there were no fragments, so he left it alone. The battle scar's of how much fun we can have........

Oh yeah, my ortho said that after a break, the bone is stronger in that area. The separation hasnt caused my shoulder to be any weaker, but it took some serious rehad the get back to normal.

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Its best to ride again when YOU feel ready. If you dont feel up to it dont risk it. I should have done that with my back. I did something muscle related to it mountain biking. It wasnt feeling too bad so i went riding the next weekend. It hurt so bad at the end of the day i could barely even reach the bars. It was not easy riding back to the truck one handed.

I broke my CB ding a triple on my then new 426. It took me 45 days before I rode again. I did not feel 100 % for anoter 4 months. I am now back up to speed (9 months after). I am 44 and have many friends saying "grow up and take up golf". I believe that everyone must ride within their limits. If your limits included Moto-X then go for it.

I broke my right side in Feb. 00 clean break but not close enough to heal right so I did the surgery worked well was riding in 10 weeks.

2nd break 6 months later left side no surgery same thing 10 weeks.

At last count, Windham had broken his CB 5 times and none of the breaks were in the same spot twice. BK14MX was correct in stating the previous break becomes stronger than the area around it. My orthopaedic surgeon said the same thing. Lucikly, I only broke mine once and wasn't even aware that is was broken(snapped completely) for nearly 15 minutes. The reason I discovered it was broken is when I got back to my truck and felt something funny with my shoulder. When I moved the arm on that side, I could feel and hear a crunching sensation/sound. It was rather creepy to pull my collar down and see that huge protrusion sticking up on the side of my neck. I drove myself to the hospital and told the ER doc that I crashed my bicycle when a dog ran in front of me. I'll never tell any doctor or nurse that I got hurt on a dirt bike.

I am a doctor and the doctor says:

If you can do pushups without pain, you can ride

Some people take longer to heal then others. Use pain as a guide and stretch beforehand.

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