13 yz450f bent radiator, what should i do?

I was riding the other day, slowed down,and dropped it and it slid into a stump on my right radiator. It bent the hell out of the radiator and my aftermarket works connection radiator braces. Should i try to bend them back, should i order chinese knockoff replacement core, or should i just leave it? It doesn't leak. Thanks for the help!

There are a couple of YouTube videos on how to straighten a bent dirt bike radiator. Not perfect, but good enough to save some $$$

I just bought a pair of the gpi radiators for my 2 stroke. Haven't installed them yet, but they look really nice and have good reviews. Real nice for $82

A local radiator shop could probably fix them. My local shop did both sides for $20.

Myler's in Utah has been fixing what look like trashed radiators for years.  $75, like new (almost), guaranteed, and fast turn around.

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