I have this problem were my wr dosnt have any problems,2007 10,000ks on the clock dosnt use oil n no noise,just change the oil n filters n valve check .why does my wr keep going ?

Very worrying. Maybe try fitting some cheap aftermarket parts from eBay or fiddling with the jetting?

Sounds like you aren't treating it well enough. It doesn't like to warm up with both wheels on the ground, and keeping rpm above 8000 would help it warm up quickly.

I'm curious to see how the new 16 engine holds up. The earlier designs are bulletproof. The 01 426ers are still out there running like new.

Very good advice,I also heard u take out the air filter n side covers on a dusty day to improve performance

also, replace your motor oil with distilled water.  It's way cheaper and washes the inside of the engine as it's running!!!   :prof: 



Pro tip:  Add 1 cup of Dawn dish soap to the engine water for a super cool bubbles out the exhaust effect!!! 

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