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Is there anything wrong running this?

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115mm race sag?


09 YZ250f

6' - 165lb, Vet B Motocross


The bike just handles so good and PLANTED in the flat turns and rutted turns.

Standing thru turns as well.  Jumping is fine and in control, no bottoming.


I went to 103mm yesterday between motos and the front pushed like crazy, I'd compensate with body position

and then the rear was like on ice.  It felt like a constant balance & traction battle thru any turn.


My suspension is all rebuilt/fresh with 6 hrs time on it.  Std springs.  Forks 7mm up in the triples.  Clickers front and rear are

stock within 1 click.


I really focus on keeping way forward, head out over the number plate, maybe this is what allow so much

sag without ill effects?  Actually, what are the ill effects, because I'm seeing none?


All my research shows 115mm is way too much unless I'm riding a linkage-less KTM.


Just run it?

Appreciate any thoughts.



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If it works.... it works !

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