2015 450 hours before rebuild

I'm looking at a 2015 450 with 170 hours on it. His a grown man as myself and didn't hit the limiter every gear shift. In general he took good care of it with oil change every 4-6 hours and he just put in 2nd piston.

I expect a rebuilt is coming within 50 hours. How many hours do these bikes go on a bottom end typical, hard question I know since hard use is a big factor. I hope you can give me an idea about it :)


My 2014 is still going strong with nearly 220 hours on it. I do about the same maintenance routine you mentioned above. Also timing chains at about the 100 hour mark. I'm a woods rider who isn't exactly easy on things. I can't even count how many times this engine has boiled over going places a motorcycle was never meant to. It sees almost no mercy and has proven to be just plain tough.

Thanks, I still not sure if I am going to pick it up yet. I expect to get around 80 hours more out of it, and then rebuild it if I decide to go with this one.

I would rather have this then one with the half hours and have been abuse by a pro..

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