YZ450 hotcam in 426

So I ordered the wrong cam for my 426, trying to figure out if I should just run it and deal with the timing marks not being as they should, or if I should just send it back and get 426 hot cam. 


I noticed the 450 cam has a tiny bit more lift. Not really sure if this would amount to anything in the real world or not or of it would hurt it. 


 Only advantage I can see to running it is that its here and I can put it in now.. vs waiting. I really didn't want the hassle of paying for shipping and waiting. 


I was originally going to just buy a 450 used cam off eBay, but when I ordered the hot cam there was no used 450 cams on there.


run it or send it back?

The "cleanest" solution is to send it back and get the right one, but as long as you know how to time the thing it will work. 

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