Oversize Gas Tank Color

What are the ups and downs of going with a different color than the stock red on the oversize tanks? I am considering an oversize tank (Clarke 4.3) and like the idea of sticking with the stock color, but I also like the idea of being able to see the fuel easier through the natural. The white tanks seem like they might get brown from rubbing. The natural tanks seem to turn brownish in color from the gas. Can you see the fuel level on the red tanks too? What are your opinions?


I have the acerbis 6 gallon sahara tank on my bike, and its red. I really like the way it looks, and constantly get compliments on my bikes appearance. As for seeing the fuel, its not nearly as visible as a clear tank, but WAAAY more visible than the stock honda tank. The tank looks huge, but the size is not noticed when I am riding. the clear/white tanks actually turn brown from reacting to the gasoline, over time.

I went with red. It matches great, I didnt want my tank to look like a damn condom. Seriously, how hard is it to unscrew the cap and visualy check the fuel?

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