anybody doing the Fast Eddy at Matchams Park?

Are any of you UK riders going to be at Matchams Park on the 26th and 27th for the fast eddy this month?

I have entered for the saturday 26th. just 1 1/2 hours compared with 3 hours on sunday.


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I rode in the experts last year but will be scrutineering the bikes this year, look out and make sure your bikes right :), see you saturday

Scooby :D

will do m8y

Hi Scooby,

Say hello if you see me.... I'm number 90

the bike will be spot on :)


I'm racing in the xpert race on Sunday, should be fun for my first race of the year..


See you there


see you there, guys I'll be looking out for you

scooby fart.gif

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I'll be there saturday and sunday...

see you blokes there no doubt..

Hey scooby mieser... how an earth do u get the cartoon smileys to run like that ??? and can u do the one that pukes ???? (i know, i know, but im not to hot with this computer $hit !!!! A...

Hiya Scooby......I know it's old news but I have a WB E-series tail pipe do they pass noise tests at the nationals if so how many plates do the lads use?????


The wb e series wont pass the noise test, (94 db at 2 metres) even with the minimum plates (4). I ran one on my xr 400 at the natterjack one year and got tested, it failed, so I slipped a band cut from an inner tube over the plate area and promptly passed!



do you mean like this:-

KTM EXC puke.gif

DRZ400 pukeface.gif

WR426 biggrin3.gif

BTW try


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