Redid counter shaft seal, still leaks

Hey guys

I redid the counter shaft seal on my 08 450 and it still leaks, i must have messed up the seal in the install. Any tips on this install? Can i lay the bike on its side so i dont have to drain the new oil?

Also the kit came with 2 o rings but i could only find where 1 went, i replaced the one on the shaft behind the metal sleve. Is the 2nd one extra or did i miss where it went?

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Did you put the spacer on the shaft then fit the seal?

If you did it the other way round you can damage the seal with the sharp edge on the spacer


Only one o-ring and it fits on the id of the spacer

Fit it to the spacer, add a little oil and push it onto the shaft, then fit the seal


No need to drain oil when changing this seal

No i put the o ring in the shaft then put the seal in then the spacer.

So spacer 1st then seal. I dont understand what you mean about o ring. Just put it on the shaft first?

Might be confusing the WR with the DRZ

I know DRZ has groove in the spacer for the o-ring, can't remember the exact design of the WR


If the spacer has a groove for the o-ring in the ID of the spacer, then fit the o-ring into the groove and then fit them both to the shaft. Apply some oil to help it slide on

The side with the two cut-outs on the spacer goes on first

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