carb confusion question

Alright guys,

I'm a little confused about this needle jet install. When I took my carb apart, the needle jet fell out. I didn't get a chance to see where it came from. I understand that is goes small hole towards the ground if it were on the bike (tapered end up).Here's my question: where do you put it in? Is it from the float chamber side or twist the throttle drum until you can slip it in past the needle from the body side? I even went so far as to go down to the honda dealer to double check visually the B53E parts bag to see if I had the wrong part. I have the correct parts.The guy tells me it goes in from the carb side, not through the hole in the float chamber (where the float is or bottom of carb). Trying to get this right, sorry for the trouble. As you can tell I have not worked on that many carbs.


The needle goes down thru the top of the slide. Take off top cover of carb (throttle slide cover). Take off little linkage held by spring. Unscrew two philips screws to remove plate that holds needle in place. Drop new needle in place with clip in 3rd position (4th for stock needle for uncorked bike). Reassemble throttle slide. You are probably going to need a carb gasket kit (p/n: 16010-MBN-671, $12.38 at as the top o-ring gasket stretches and won't go back into groove.

The needle jet installation (the other little piece that came with the needle): Float bowl side. Remove main get. Remove baffle plate (little philips head screw right under main jet area). Remove the post the main jet was screwed into (called needle jet holder). Tip carb upside down and old needle jet should fall out. Pay attention to the orientation, it came out with the tapered orifice facing up towards the needle. Drop new needle jet in the same way. Reassemble. Note: Install needle jet before putting throttle slide back into carb. Goog luck. :)

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