what it fair price for 2008 450 yzf in excellent condition?

Hi all, just found TT site...I friggin LOVE this forum! I am trying to figure out a fair price to offer to a buddy for his 2008 YZF with only about 20 hours or less on it . He bought it rode it a couple of times it scared the shit out of him and it's been sitting in his garage ever since with the occasional "crank it up and ride it around the neighborhood" just to keep it running . This is a carbureted model , (the last year before fuel injection , I believe..?)

I recently read a post on these forums regarding "how to do a nationwide search on Craigslist" (to check recent "sold for" prices)....Have searched TT forums using every possible permutation I can think of...NO JOY! no luck at all... Anyone with ANY idea what 2008 Yamaha YZ F in mint condition is worth?.. please chime in...or anyone who knows the search-terms on Craigslist to do nationwide search?.. This is a friend so I don't want to low-ball or screw him over, but I am a single dad with sole custody go to elementary school kids so I don't have money to just throw around, obviously...lol...(also, time sensitive- he has given me first shot as I have asked him about it many times butt he is getting ready to list it and I'm sure it will go he has given me first shot as I have asked him about it many times but he is getting ready to list it and I'm sure it will go quickly)... Lol any and all help with be appreciated... thanks a lot!

Re: "fair price for yzf".... somehow I managed to delete the "450 CC" part! D'Ohhh! So here goes one more attempt....bike is: 2008 450 YZF in Immaculate condition....Thanks again for any/all help.

Bike is 3 generations old. Mx bikes do not hold their value due to being updated every 3 year cycle. I would say 3k is top dollar because anymore than that and you can get a newer generation bike. That being said if it is the condition you say you may get a bike that will give you many years of service before needing anything major.

I paid $3K for mine in excellent condition and there were a few more on CL just like it, some with even more upgrades for the money. But mine was purchased from a riding buddy, so I new the history of the bike which is worth the extra $$$ to me.

Thanks for the help...Cesper, like you mentioned, I also know this guy & have watched thid beautiful bike sit & gather dust. Like I said, I have actually ridden it a few times- just around the 'hood stuuf, on road to keep it in running condition...buddy is afraid of it, TOO fast/powerful/heavy for him...He has new baby...momma put the kibosh on ANY motorcycles since kid entered picture or I would attempt to talk him into trading for my '08 TTr230 (& a little $cash to go with it, obviously)... I was actually feeling like the carbureted model was a plus for me since I like to work on bikes myself. Anyway thanks again for the help guys ...BTW, I am LOVING this forum!

I paid 4K for a '14 with 29 hours on it. Don't know that I'd pay 3k for an '08

Condition is everything....that includes the inside.

If he has never changed the oil, or does not know how to properly service an air cleaner.......it's all about condtition.


2.5-3k tops.

I paid 4K for a '14 with 29 hours on it. Don't know that I'd pay 3k for an '08

Exactly my point. Although 4k seems an exceptional deal for the latest gen in good shape.

Don't know I would be afraid to make a move on it for that price. What concerns me is the bike sat a lot. Right off the bat in my head I am replacing wheel bearing, steering stem, linkage bearings, tires, tubes, maybe rims locks, rebuilding the carb and cleaning the fuel system. Rings and valve seals could be carboned up too. You said he bought it, rode it, and it scared the you know what out of him but somehow it has 29 hours. Old oil in a crankcase, short ride, then back to sitting is a carbon recipe.


I don't mess around with that stuff. The second I do I end up on the ground waiting for the ambulance.

$2800 - $3500 absolute max, depending on amount of available inventory in your geographic area.  

Knowing the usage and maintenance history is positive compensating factor in value all day long in my book.  

You have to consider also the cost of deferred maintenance as mentioned above that may need to be addressed, and what it will cost you in time and fuel to go pick up the bike.

​And finally, what mods the bike has currently that are of value to you.. mods don't have very good return value for the seller, but can definitely be positives for you if you care about them.  

Paid $4800 for a '14 with 3 hours. It was showroom condition. Never saw dirt til I picked it up.

I paid 22 with less than 50 hours

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