Pick up my 426 on Good Friday!!!

What's up TT'ers...Well after 3 months of research, talking with people and learning about all the bikes I was considering (CRF450, DRZ400, XR400, KTM520) I went for the bike that everyone's trying to catch..The YZ426F..I pick it up on Good Friday..My question for the board is what should I do before I take it out the first time and what should I expect on that first day? I've read on these boards that some dismantle the bike and re-grease, lube and go around and torque every bolt. Something I would do anyway..Any suggestions or comments would be helpful..Thanks....and see ya's out there...Steve

Woohoo for you! Great choice on a bike. If you've been reading TT then you already know the drill. Grease the steering head and the linkage, use non-synthetic oil of your choice until after a good break-in period (then switch to synth if you like but you don't have to), check the spokes and sprocket bolts every ride, don't over-oil the air filter (I've done it too many times, if you do, clean the pilot air jet out!), learn the fuel screw position and how to adjust it regularly, change the oil often (I do it every other ride, and clean/change the filter every other oil change).

That'll get you started. Have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Pick up a few extra bottles of oil and an extra oil filter when you pick up the bike, you'll go through the first set pretty quickly. Some bikes were aparently low on grease but the bike that I got had grease oozing from every seal when I picked it up. If you've been reading here then you're probably up to date on most stuff. The only thing that I can think of which would be different than any other new bike is If you've never jumped a 4stroke before then just be careful until you get the feel for it (don't chop the throttle before you leave the jump!). Have fun! :)

Sorry to here that why do you want a tank that has so many problems?

Change to aluminum bars, and get a magnetic drain bolt.



hey stever r

be prepared to go through some plugs unless you disconnect the light blue wire(see: possible fouling fix on general discussion( second post)).

also remember not to over oil your air filter,i made that mistake and my bike didn't start until motoman393 and i cleaned the carb. be sure also to check the spokes (very important). be carefull when you tighten or loosen your bolts, some of them are made of very soft metal and can strip easily, also make sure that you tighten all of your bolts every ride, i often forget and end up loosing side panel bolts.

i am glad to see that you went with such a wonderful bike, you will certainly enjoy it, just be careful, it is a beast.

have fun


Thanks Nick...Yup, already been to Motoman's website and saw the light blue wire fix. Like I said, I've been doing my homework man...

Steve-I just did the break-in run on my new '01 Saturday. Starting was not an issue for me. I've got quite a bit of seat time on a buddy's '01 and his starts like a dream. No problems there.

Here's what I did to the new beast before I took her out for the first time:

I spent about a total of $150 for these parts-Regina Gold O-ring chain (put the stocker in the toolbox for emergencies, if needed), Replaced the handlebars, bought four qts of oil (Yamalube 4-stroke non-friction modified), oil filter, magnetic drain plug for after that first oil change (a necessity, IMO), two spare plugs, took the stearing head apart and greased (it was pretty dry), took the rear apart and greased (surprisingly, it was fairly well greased), checked and double-checked that the chain was loose enough (three fingers under the chain on the top of the swingarm at the rearward most rub strip bolt, bike on stand), ran the pilot screw all the way in and then backed it out to 1-1/4 turns (then backed it out another 1/4 on Saturday, it was about 50 degrees), re-routed the clutch cable under the lower left radiator mount and secured with a zip-tie, and lastly, sprayed both ends of the clutch cable with some silicone spray (on the "ball" ends at the lever and actuating arm).

That was it! She ran like a beast even at 1/4-1/2 throttle. Took about 4 kicks to start after the chilly truck ride down to the track. After that, she started first kick every time, I never pulled the hot start button.

Have fun and enjoy! I know I will! :)

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