2006 WR450 No Electric Start

Hello, I've recently bought an 06 wr450 supermoto. the bike came with a problem and the owner said it was an electric problem that just happened recently. when i first got the bike, it used to spin the starter a very slow spin, I got it to start once with the e start but that was it, just one time. after a couple of weeks, it seemed like the starter stopped moving when I hit the magic button. my initial thought was the battery, however, I have had 2 spare batteries try it and no luck (all above 12.6V). the previous owner gave me the original starter that came with the bike so I swapped it in instead of the one he had put. same thing happened again, starter used to spin slowly first, then after a couple of days it completely locked up, I even opened the cover cover and tried moving the starter shaft as hard as I can but no luck :/. since then I have got a new battery just to be sure, checked the voltage that came to the starter and it was about 12.6 volts ( measured from the starter ). and my problem didnt go away. The bike kickstarts kinda hard ( I really cant compare it to anything because this is my first motorcycle ever so it could be that im just too soft to kickstart a 450). Any info on what should i check?

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Put the battery terminals directly to the starter, in nuetral

If it does not spin faster, the starter is probably bad.

If it does spin faster, you have a bad harness, probably corroded badly

Also, the battery must be at 12+ volts at rest and near 14v when running.

If it's not, then the battery is bad and the rectifier should be replaced too.

It's possible you have a auto-decompression problem, but not likely.

Does the starter spin with the spark plug out......


The starter clutch needs to be serviced every few years, so you might need to replace it and the starter if it proves bad.

Ok, I tried connecting the battery straight to the starter (before i put it in the bike). It seemed to run fast or at least faster than being in the bike, I will try tomorrow to connect it when its in the bike and see what happens.

The thing that scares me is the possibility of an auto-decomp problem :(. Also, would a bad harness mean that the voltage directly from the starter should be low? because mine reads at exactly the same as measured from the terminals.


The starter does not spin when the spark plug is out, it seems to be jammed as i tried to move it with my hand and it didn't move


Thanks for the info, will reply with results soon.

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Just because the voltage is the same doesn't mean the starter is getting the current (amperage) needed.

For anyone thats browsing forums and needs an answer to this, It was the decompression pin on my hotcam that caused this issue.

Typical HotCam garbage quality

Yeah. Came with my bike alongside oem cams. I'll just slap those in after I rebuild the bike

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