what does sliding the fork legs up in the clamps do on my 13 yz450f?

i mainly ride woods, how far should I slide them up? theyreat the clamps as far as they can go right now

Does several things, but the simple answer is it'll quick the steering a little. Which in woods riding I usually find desirable. On my '07 I also felt that it kept the bike tracking in a turn better on trails, mostly in a situation where I couldn't "steer with the rear".

Make small changes at a time, so start by raising them 5mm first. Don't know if I've ever heard of someone going more than 10mm up. If you feel the need to, there's probably another area of the bike that needs to be addressed.

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To make my 13 turn sharper and get front end bite i set the sag between 100 - 105mm (recommended to me by enzo) start flush and go up 3mm at a time on the clamps. the dr.d engine relocation kit helped the front end enter turns without headshake also

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