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The Best Carburetor Option?

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I have read around on many different forums and most people say the best option is an edelbrock carb, but many say that the stock carb is the best. On my 1998 WR400F, I've got the Keihin FCR, which is a trusty carb. I am looking for something that would be more reliable on longer trips, seeing as the FCR is more for racing (correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway, if anyone would be willing to share their opinions, that would be fantastic. Thank you!

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The Edlebrock carb is a POS. 

Made from pot metal, it lasts about 100 hours then starts flaking apart like it's made of paper mache'.

It also has no main jet, so you have to tune the needle for small or large throttle openings. 

It cannot do well at both.

You cannot make it work as well as a modern carb.


The FCR MX/CR carb is the very best carb made, and when properly set up, is more powerful and has better throttle response than FI.


If you use a 2005 or later carb and add the Honda 2008 Apump upgrades, that's as good as it gets.


I have done this to (9) bikes in the last 7 years, and they are all fantastic.


Your FCR is old, and probably completely worn out. You can only get about 600 hours on the carb IF you filter all the vents from day one and replace all the wear components every 100 hours.

Sinced we know you didn't do that, you carb will be complete toast in about 250 hours.....from sucking in all that dust, and it grinding away at all th worn out parts....


Look for a 2005 or later YZ450 carb.

Make sure it fits first, as I have no experience on this specific carb change.

There should be hundreds of google and TT posts on changing your carb.

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It would be cool if they came up with a FI retro Kit.  I love my FI on my KTM and would love to put it on my WR450.

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