A few questions about my 2001 YZ426F

Alright so I'll start off with I just joined this site 5 minutes ago. I come from a Atv riding/racing background. I traded straight across a TRX300EX for a YZ426F pink for pink. Kid said it scared him. Oh well.

Anywho, been riding this bike for about 5 months now. This is my first dirtbike I've ever ridden, and owned. This thing rips I think. But I want more power.

Does anybody know of any kits and or custom engine work by any shop is out there for the 426? I've looked at the auto decompression cams hotcams has but I don't want just a cam for removing a lever. I want power baby.

Also, granted there is some sort of kit out there for it, what exhaust should I run? Any help and all input is great! Thank you

Welcome to TT. When I had my 426 that bike pulled like a freight train. I would recommend spending the money on a auto decompression exhaust cam and then spend the rest of your budget on the suspension which is the real weak link with that bike. The motor has a ton to offer you just need to shift earlier than you think cause the 426 makes its power low. If it has stock exhaust I would look into a fmf 4.1 I like there sound and they have quite cores you can put in them to quite them up some more. Quite is the new loud  :goofy:

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