Mark Anderson Memorial Race at Speedworld

Today was the Mark Anderson Memorial Race at Speedworld, and it was a perfect day for racing.

Got to meet some fellow TTer's out there and want to personally thank each of you for your support.

Dave, Paul (RacerX) Bob (F-Pilot) and met Ben Armoudar for the first time. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Also saw Tom (MXjunkie) for the first time since his bad accident, and he was limping around cane and all. He seemed to be in pain, both mentally and physically and I just want to say, hang in there buddy, things will get better with time.

The Del Brown prepped track had a couple of changes that were challenging yet safe, well depending who you talked to. :)

The AZOTMX gang did a parade lap at intermission with Mark’s bike being ridden in front by his good bud JT. Upon completion; we pulled up along the fence. Dave Brosious had a wireless mic and had many kind words to say. He then handed it to me and I spoke about how SpeedWorld was Mark’s favorite track, and if there was a place for him to go, well this was kind of appropriate. Thanked everyone for being there as I am sure Marks close friends did too, and mentioned to my fellow OT’ers “Man I luv you guys!” Cheryl was next and she mentioned how Mark was her best friend and a great boyfriend and she will join him one day.

I asked if anyone else wanted to speak, but no one did, not that they didn’t want to, (I’m sure they did) but after seeing Cheryl and I struggle through i....

So I handed the mic to our AZOT prez Gary Kritcher and caught him off guard, but he performed admirably and mentioned that “we are all out here for fun and everyone should try to have has much fun as we do”.

On to the racing. A new Master rider joined the ranks, Joe Schneider who rode real well on his YZ250F. I had no idea how fast those baby thumpers are when ridden aggressively. Don’t know what he had done to it other then a pipe but he holeshot me in the second moto. In the first moto, Sluggo Dendy was first leading into the bowl turn on his 02YZ250, so I was 0 for 2 in that dept. Hung close to the wild riding style of Sluggo Dendy wondering what the heck got into him! He then shot off the track over the left-handed step-up and landed in the soft stuff. Took over the lead, but going through the whoops he passes me on the inside barely squeezing by! I’m thinking, “Damn Howard is determined today!” Got him back and pulled away until Joe started to close a bit, but ran out of time.

Second moto I was second behind the newest member of the Master Class, Schneider with the screaming two-stroke of Sluggo behind me. Heading into the flat right corner after the Dustin Double I took the inside knowing Dendy was going to rail the outside berm. He must have saw an opportunity and held it WFO with a sharp 180 left following. I’m thinking this could get ugly as our two lines are going to intersect, but he must of carried too much speed as he did not make the corner and overshot it, thus putting off the track and turning around. All I know is I saw a bike coming out of nowhere! Whew, without Howard to contend I now focused on the berm railing YZF250 of Joe. Midway through the 2nd lap I came inside in a corner, pulled alongside the jump and had the drive to pull the lead in the same left handed step-up again. I guess that was my section today, but Schneider definitely had his and stayed on my rear wheel the whole way. Matter of fact, one of his outside railing lines seemed faster then my tight inside, so I “adjusted” and took this advantage away from him. Hey it’s motocross right and the ol man still has a few tricks up his sleeve. This did not deter him and he was all over me like a Hari Krishna on an airport traveler! (couldn’t resist!).

I must confess to two things that helped me keep him behind me, this was Marks Race and he would not be happy if I didn’t win this for him, and this was Joe’s first AZOTMX race, and I couldn’t let him join the club thinking it’s just easy pickens!

I did not double class today as there were not enough 40 or 30 Int., which was ok with me cuz I am looking fwd to the one week layoff. Lets see, seven consecutive weeks double classing (24 motos, including two wind/dust storm 4-stroke Nats) and one WORCS GP, you could say I am spent, in more ways then one!

In fact I don’t even know why I’m up right now, but I got me a Captain and Coke and Life is Good.

Godspeed Mark, I miss ya buddy!



Moto to Live

Live to Moto

Mark Anderson

Great report G!

Great day at the races too!

I was going back and forth on racing Saturday since the guys I was planning on going with bailed out on me. I had not raced since that fateful GP race and I guess I had some butterfly's about it still. I decided that I needed to race to show support for Mark and also to show myself that I could still do it.

The parade lap and commentary really touched me, as I watched everyone line up I got chills. When I saw and heard Cheryl speak about Mark and talk about what he meant to her I cried. Her words were few but powerful and moved me very much. I could tell she is a very special person right away.

OK, G here's how my ride went...

I lined up on the outside telling myself that I could rail around everyone and get to the front by the second turn but really I was just a little nervous, starts are just not my strong point, how about a little coaching Mr. Holeshot! I got a good jump out of the gate but going into the left handed sweeper I got spooked when another rider drifted out to the berm in front of me, backed off and found myself in about 11th place out of maybe 13-14 riders. Damm! Workin my way up again, story of my life... Rode past a couple guys real easy in the first lap but then I got caught behind 3 guys all trying to pass each other, ARGH! I got by one guy and then finally after two laps a hole opened up and I passed the other two. Now I have some clear track so I open it up and I am FLYIN! The track is PERFECT! Smooth and moist, excellent traction and very predictable. JAMMIN! I catch up to the next pack of riders, I'm thinking if I can catch em, I can pass em! Going into the 4th gear sweeper after the finish line, I set up for the next guy, He is outside so I plan to blast past on the inside and finish the pass in the tight left bowl turn I think he heard me comming so he moves down to close the door and as I change to the outside behind him I take FULL IMPACT of gnarly rock infested roost from about 6 feet away, OUCH! That F-ing Hurts! I made the pass on the outside and had closed the gap on a group of about 4 riders before the checkered flew, about 6th overall, 3rd in my class (30 novice) but with 7 riders, only 2 get tropy's. Have to do better next moto...

I am walking around in the pits and I notice my hand hurts, I look down and see blood coming through my glove! Oh yea, that roost I ate! I take my glove off and my pinky knuckle is swollen and bleeding, the other knuckle are pretty sore too. Oh well, I think I'll live! Second moto, GOTTA GET A BETTER START!!! line up by the starter house, gate drops get off the line and wheelie! clutch it to bring it down but loose my momentum! ARGH! NOT AGAIN! even worse than before, There was only ONE guy behind me!!! No messin around this time though, passed everyone I could as fast as I could but still couldnt reel in the leaders.. Track is now MEGA DRY SLICK MARBLES but at least it isnt too torn up, made good time managed to get back up to 3rd for a 3rd overall. No hardware but lots of fun!

Good to see G, Ben, Tom, Frank, Paul and everyone else!

See ya at the races!


Well, I guess I should report too.

This was only my second MX race ever. I've only been riding since August. I ride a YZed WR250F, and raced the 125 beginner class.

First off, the memorial for Mark was very moving. My moto was just before the parade lap, so I only caught the microphone part, but it was very nice to see so much support for Mark.

Now racing. I was in the 12 moto, last of the series. So I waited all day and watched everyone for technique stuff. I lined up, finally, to the gate and picked a gate just a few left of the middle gate box. No one on my right, 11 riders on my left. I had been practicing the starting line sweeper during practice days, and was pretty confident I could get a hole shot. The gate dropped quick, and I don't think most people were ready for it, but I was. I left the gate in the lead, but got cut off at the berm by 2 riders, and over taken down the straight by another who was already on my left during the start. So I'm running 4th. Coming into turn 3, there is a nice berm I can usually rail, but I lost the rear end and almost dropped the bike. I managed to recover and maintain my position. I was hanging with the leaders the entire first lap, with the traffic on my heels. This MADE me jump everything, higher, further, and faster than I had ever before. It felt awesome to be clearing all the jumps and sticking the landings. But shorting after the whoops section (torture section for me), I was pooped. The leaders began creeping away, and the traffic began to get closer. A few guys ended up passing me, and there really was no hope of making up the distance, so I just kept the pressure on and ended up finishing 7th. Very proud of myself for the start and first lap.

The second moto, I was very pumped, pretty sure cramping wouldn't be an issue, and was ready to take home some plastic and wood. I took the same gate I had in the first moto and was really ready for it this time. The gate dropped and I stalled it. Now it should be mentioned, that by this time I had met a few more TT members, and had gather a bit of a cheering section. When the bike stalled, out of the corner of my eye all I could see were people throwing their hands in the air in disappointment. I even heard the announcer poke fun at me on the loud speaker "Oh we got trouble at the gate."

This just fueled me. I got the bike started and launched out of the gate with huge wheelie -- at least that is how it felt to me. I tore down the starting sweeping was probably going faster than I had ever before. Crap, Yellow flags at turn 1, this was going really slow me down. I aknowledged that I saw the flags to the flag guy, spotted the riders and blazed past them. On to traffic. I quickly made up a few spots and got slowed down by a Honda rider who was slower than me, but determined to not let me by. I come around the finish line and someone I don't recognize is holding out a pit sign, but I don't see it in time to read it. So the entire next lap I'm thinking to myself, what did I do. Are they docking me a lap for blasting past the Yellow flag, Crap! I come around again, and the signs says " Go Ben", it was G-Man holding the sign with Dave S. So now I'm pumped, and just riding the wheels off the best I can. The wind had picked up and it was takin me all over the place on the jumps, but I just kept it pinned whenever possible. I come around again after finally passing the Honda and the sign says, "Gas it Ben". So just pin it the final lap. Coming up to the supercross whoops I was exhausted, and feeling pretty depressed that I hadn't caught anyone else. I was thinking I might just roll the whoops, but decided to try another line and press on to the finish.

I packed my stuff and was saying my goodbyes to Dave, when he mentioned that he thought I placed 6th. I was like, no way. Not possible. So I go over and look at the score sheet and sure enough I got 7th again.

So all in all, a great day. I can hardly wait out the next 2 years so can ride the 30 and over class and whoop up on everyone. These kids on the 125s are insane, LOL.


Dave S,

Cool report, I don't remember you mentioning you got your finger roosted on, now you know why the ol man has handguards! :)

No problem working on your starting technique, next time we are out there practicing.


Nice to meet you, and you can blame DaveS for jinxing your start, I didn't know it was you and he points to the start line and says "that's armourbl"!, gate drops and....... well you know.

For only your 2nd race, you did real good, and more importantly you looked like you were having a blast!


Yes the Memorial was great, the only regret was we did not do a full lap on the suggestion of our Prez, GK.

Your right about it being like an ol dice with my good buddy Mark A. He always took the wide sweeping lines, contrasting with my inside cornering technique. Joe sure did have that baby F pinned as he was all over me! It's a shame he only races on Saturday, cuz I love the competition. I mentioned to him "the Good Lord wouldn't mind, this is our Church on Sunday!" :D

Look fwd to seeing you again, and stay away from the slopes damnit! I think MaicoMan has the right idea we better put your ass in a plastic BAG!rocketwhore.gif

[ March 25, 2002: Message edited by: G-Man ]


I'd have to change my TT name to BubbleBoy if you guys get me that plastic bag. I was thinking about bubble wrapping myself next time I can ride or ski, maybe that would keep the old bones in place...



The parade lap and memorial for Mark went straight to my heart, what a good guy he was and what a excellent rider also! Your speech and Cheryl's words were really touching. Seeing his bike out there was kinda surreal. Mark still has lots of friends, the OT'er and TT'er turn out was great. The memorial T-shirts look super and I'll always think of Mark when I wear mine!

The best part of the day was your second moto. You and Joe dicing on the blue thumpers made me stop and wonder if Joe's real name is Mark. It looked just like you and Mark out there once again, doing battle turn to turn. I could have sworn I saw number 33 on Joe's plates.

It was great to see Motojunkie Tom also, sorry I didn't know about your crash and serious injuries Tom. Hope you heal quickly.

Good to see Dave S also, haven't seen him since my crash back at Air Sarival back in August. I saw that bloody pinky - nasty looking!

F-Pilot looked good on the new baby F, his smiles must mean he likes the little beast.

Good seeing all you guys yesterday, see you again soon...


Thanks G-Man,

You don't know how much it meant to me to see you guys holding the pit sign to cheer me on. It really made press on and enjoy the ride.

Yeah, Dave may have jinxed me, but oh well. Only bad part is now I'm left thinking about what could have been if I had just not blown the start. Maybe 3rd or 4th instead of 7th. Heck, one of the guys who crashed was one of the better riders. That would have been one position at least...


G, Handguards are on my list! However, I wont need em once you teach me the 'art o the holeshot!' :D

Racerx, I just don't understand how you can break your thumb on SKIS??? Whats up with that??? BTW, talked to your son for a while, you got a great kid there!

armourbl, Sorry about the starting jinx! :) I told you that you ran a good race, I wouldnt BS a brother! Shoot me an email if you want to go ride MX or trails

Hey, it was great seeing all of the TTer's there.

Sounds like everyone had a good time.

Well,I can't give much of a race report, after getting 2 last place starts

(do I miss the 18 or so extra horsepower? :D

I was only able to pass 1 Expert and he was riding a borrowed KX :D 'cuz his KTM had been stolen! :)

Oh well, sooner or later I'll figure out this "baby F".

Gary, good job on the racing and the memorial. Thanks, it helps us all to hear/read your words.

Paul, sorry I didn't get to talk to you more.

Thank's again for the bike, I do like it.

Hope they plugged for you, I've been putting that as my sponsor.

Ben, good job! Looking forward to racing together again.

Dave, good to see you again! It's been awhile since our meeting at Sarival last year(?)

Tom, nice to meet you. Hope your recovery goes well!

Frank, I know you're lurking around out there. Good job! 3rd place! Canyon on the 14th, let's tear it up!

[ March 26, 2002: Message edited by: F-Pilot ]

First - Thanks for all of the comments, and encouragement - it's stuff like that that helps me keep my head up. Thanks!

Handguards are on my list! However, I wont need em once you teach me the 'art o the holeshot!

The art of the holeshot can be summed up with 3 letters - KTM. :)

It was great to see everybody, and also meet Armourbl, and F-pilot. The AZ TTers are a great group, we should organize meets. I still plan on attending races even if I'm not competing. Later.....Tom

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