I have got a Super Trapp on my 87 XR600. Are those repackable? Mine is kinda loud and would like to quiet it down a taste. If anybody knows if and how to I would appreciate a response. :)

Thanks, Randy

Yes. Remove the rivets (or screws) from the rear of the muffler body. (Pop-rivets can be drilled out, or cut off the heads with a wood chisel, then push the rivet body in with a punch.) Yank the innards out. You might need to remove the muffler from the bike to bang on it enough to loosen the baffle.

Older models have one threaded rod in the center of the discs.

1) Remove the disc assembly.

2) Remove the center bolt (It's a "J" hook).

3) Pull the baffle out.

Pantaz: Thanks for the help. Mine is a new one with allen screws holding discs in place.... I will buy some packing and get with it.

Randy :)

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