Handlebar Mount Adjustment Issue - 2011 YZ450F

I'm trying to loosen the handlebar mounts to move them to the forward mounting holes. The problem I'm having is that the nuts are on there so tight I'm afraid of stripping them. I'm guessing the previous owner put everything he had into tightening these things when he adjusted them.


Are there any tricks to knock these things loose? I've tried a rubber mallet on the end of my wrench with semi-soft hits but was afraid to give it anymore of a swing.



They shouldn't be that hard.  Substitute a six point socket for whatever wrench you're using for a better hold on the nut.


At the considerable risk of stating the obvious, they will rotate to the right, or clockwise, as viewed with the bike upright because they are upside down.  I've seen people confuse themselves this way, no slight intended.

I'll give it another shot. I'm pretty sure I was going in the right direction but, hey, I've been known to be oblivious to the obvious. Thanks.

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