Astars Vector boots

Can someone give me a review on how they felt about there vectors compared to another boot? I heard the vectors were softer and im sort of annoyed at my other boots inability to let me use the rear brake how i want. Just tell me what you thought of the Vectors please, thank ya :)

I have the Alpinestars Tech 8 Boots and the Alpinestars Vector boots. The Vector were specifically designed for FREESTLE as they are about an inch shorter than the Tech 8's and the sole is all rubber with no steel tip to scratch your plastic. I find the Vectors to be unique but

prefer the Tech 8 by far. The tech 8 have more support and have the inner booties that the Vectors do not have. However, the Tech 8's are more expensive. If you can afford the Tech 8's buy them. If not, buy the Vectors. Both are excellent but the Alpinestars Tech 8 are the finest and by far the best boot ever made. :):D

I had the Tech 8's until my sharp teeth DSP pegs wore a hole in the sole. At that point I tried on a pair of Vectors because I think they look super cool... they felt like a pair of torture chambers strapped to my feet! I thought maybe it was because I was just used to my nice broken in Tech 8's. So, I pulled a new set of Tech 8's off the shelf and tried them on and they felt like comfy slippers, just like my old pair. Luckily, my girlfriend got me a new pair of Tech 8's shortly after that and I LOVE THEM!!!

thats what i have, i have the tech-8...but am interested in the vectors because of my large calve and my want to feel the shifts and braking...the reason i didnt say i had tech 8's is cuz i knew when i did everyone would be like WHAT?! KEEP YOUR TECH 8'S PSYCHO! :D but my tech 8 velcro strap only goes on about 1/4 to a 1/2 of an inch and that black thing on the inside of the boots sticks out of the gaitor when the boots are snapped shut and all that other HUGE LEG stuff. I have a question, does anyone know if Alpinestars will enlarge my calf area of my boot if i send it to them? And do you think they will charge me? :)

I believe if you contact Alpinestars @ this number

1-800 660 9822 they may have some STRAPs that are

a bit longer so that they would still close at the top of the boot. Did the Vector's close OK?

If they did that may be the way to go for you.

Yes it is true that most guys are set on the 8's and rightfully so. But in your case the Vectors may work just fine.


WOOPS sorry the number to ALPINESTARS Is

1 800 438-2577. Sorry bout that.

I have the extended straps. I haven't tried on a pair of Vectors because my dealer doesn't have any. Any other ideas?


I had a pair of Vectors. I thought they were the most comfortable bood I ever wore...I loved them....then!!!!!!! I crashed...I went over the bars and my foot hit toe first in the dirt.....Dude!!!!! It broke every bone in my foot!!!!!....This was not a violent was mild compared to most....I should've got up and dusted myself off and rode the rest of the day...

I ended up with the Tech 6. I think the Tech 8 are better but the 6 feels better to my has a snugger fit...

Anyway, Please don't buy these boots if you are going to ride aggressive MX or Woods riding...If you hit a's over...they are just too soft...

Just my .02

Ok, you convinced me. I race MX so I'm keeping my 8' what if i have to use the last clicker on the extended straps and so what that it's hard to get my boots on with pants inside 'em, they still protect my feet :) and i've had alot of lower leg injuries with my work boots. good job you all, i believe you convinced me to go the right way :D

BUT! do you think Astars are able to extend my calf area in my boot? That would be choice if they could :)


I think before you choose a boot, you have to determine what your needs are.

There are many types of riding that all of us do, each with a unique need for feel, comfort and protection.

In other words, boots offer a service that is both marginal and circumstantial.

One of other things to consider is that the types of terrain that we ride on usually dictate the types of injuries we sustain, (“usually”).

Most SuperCross guys are breaking arms, hands and ribs. This is because most of the stuff they hit (or stuff hitting them) is at or above the waist. They usually toss and roll and then get run over. Whereas woods riders are usually breaking stuff from the waist on down. All the stuff they run into is sticking up from the earth!

For training purposes, when riding the track, I run a Vector because I like the comfort and connection I get between the bike and myself. This allows me to become a better rider, therefore developing the best form of protection we all have, (my Vectors, by the way, replaced a pair of surgically removed 6's).

However, I would think that within a year my needs will have me stepping into a pair of 8s.

Lastly, how a boot fits and how you adjust (err…modify) them has a lot to do with the performance and safety of the boot. Do what you need to get them right.


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Check out my earlier posts for the number to

call Alpinestars at.

is there an aplinestars number i could call for like services to have them enlarge the area?

the calf area that is... im keeping my 8's and forgetting about the vectors, i need the protection. i can just do some calf raises for like a half hour a day for 10 years and hope my calves get smaller. :)

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