Exhaust advice for 2014 wr450.

Hey guys.... i would appreciate any advice or recomendations on an aftermarket slip on.... I have the following choices.


An FMF powercore, an FMF q4, a Yoshi Rs4 Or the pro circuit t5....?


Does any of them stand out... or given they are around about the same price they all perform pretty much the same.



Are you riding somewhere that noise is a problem? I've found that reasonably quiet pipes mean a lot less pissed off people, letting me ride in more places. For that reason I'd probably go with the Q4. 

Noise isn't a huge concern for where I ride... But if the powercore gets too loud and annoying on longer rides I might opt for the q4... Just so long as there is no difference in performance between the two.... Is the q4 louder than the stock exhaust toten?! Anyone had the pro circuit???! Cheeers

ProCircuit pipes are built better, hold up better, and in my opinion, provide a slight better throttle response over the FMF design.

They also cost more.

Thanks for your two cents krannie!!! Maybe the pro circuit is the go then... I'm not overly concerned with price... I'd prefer to get the right exhaust than try and save $100. Does it have a nice note to it krannie....? Not too loud?

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