Spent some quality time on a 426

Just thought I would report back on my riding experience yesterday with a


I have been looking around at different options for getting a new track bike

and I talked to a guy about his '26 he was selling. It is real clean and has

protapers, the GYT triple clamps, full WB e series exaust, and the GYT thumb

decompression lever. After we talked for awhile and I buzzed it up and down

the side of the road, he asked if I wanted to take it out to a real riding

area for a couple of hours to see if I liked it. I thought 'Perfect'...

So, I took it and my kids bikes out to '5 mile pass' out west of Lehi,

Utah. My wife watched the kids buzz around the area (she's great) where we

parked while I took the 426 out for some 'testing'

My initial, first 15 minute reaction was LOTS of power and my forearms were

getting tired pretty fast. I thought oh great, my first introduction to arm

pump... but, I then started thinking about how I was riding it and sure

enough I was trying to ride it like a 2 stroke- Popping the throttle instead

of rolling on and off, clutching too much, trying to manhandle it, ect. Once

I tried to play the game by the 4 stroke rules it went much smoother. I

found that while it is heavier than a 250 2s, it wasn't a limiting factor

for me. I setup a couple of 'track-like circuits' that included some decent

jumps and whopped out sections and bermed up turns and by the end of my time

I was sailing right along with it.


The biggest complaint I have heard with the weight was in turning and it is

a justified complaint. I found that if I leaned enough in the turns and kept

my weight centered on top of the bike it would follow the turn very well and

didn't want to wander off. Now if I didn't get my weight centered then it

would tend to steer over the top of the berm. I also found that the added

traction made my think about the way I accelerate with the bike our of a

turn, the rear wheel will spin but not as easily as a 250 so, I had to

prepare myself for that.


I felt that it was a great jumper and the engine braking never did become an

issue as long as I kept the throttle steady until the rear wheel left the

lip. It even felt like I could manuver it a bit in the air so, I would feel

very comfortable 'going big' on this bike (As big as I go - I am doubler,

not a tripler...yet)


I stalled it twice in the 2 hours of riding and it was due to not looking

before I leap and jumping up onto a plateau only to find that it ended

abruptly. So, I grabbed the brakes hard and stalled it. Once stalled, I

found it took about 3-4 kicks to get it rolling again. It always started

first kick on the other attempts. So, the starting drill is really not a big

deal unless you were in the heat of a race and then I could see some

frustration taking it's toll.


What is there to say here - It's got ton-o-power and the delivery is very

exciting. It's been awhile since a bike has taken me off guard like this. It

didn't have any hesitation either, hit the throttle and you were moving.

Going fast was just a lot more fun on this bike. There was a little head

shake at speed but, I think the forks need adjustment.


I liked it. I couldn't really complain about anything of large substance. It

did everything I asked or wanted. Will I buy it? Not sure. He wants $4,000

and I don't want to pay that much. But, if he works with me on the price I

could see myself riding it for year on the track and see how we fair


George Loch

If it's an '01....buy it! If it's a '00....talk with 'em. :)

On the head shake issue, my '01 was shaking its head really bad (lock to lock in 4th gear a couple of times, talk about adrenalin!) on fast bumpy straits. Just like you said adjusting the forks cured it. In short, I had the compression and rebound both backed out pretty far and after stiffening both up it was a 100% improvement.

Personally if the bike is well maintained and in good shape then $4k doesn't sound to bad to me for an '01 (at least in my area).

It's a '00 so, I am thinkin' I will stick to my guns.



I have noticed a FEW WEIRD things in this state of UTAH!!!!!

One is what you just mentioned!

People in this state think that just because they OWNED something .........it is worth MORE than when they bought it!!!!!!!!!! :)

I see this with everything here cars/campers/trucks........and especially BIKES......dirt or street!

I looked at a 1995 CBR900RR in the spring of 1997 and the thing was bone stock. In Provo the guy wanted 8400bucks for it!!!??? :D

I flew to PHX and spent the night with friends, got up in the AM and bought a cycle trader. The first bike I looked at was a 95' tricked to the max.......polished frame/swingarm/linkage....sec. sys/2Bros pipe-header/bra/ign advance and a ton of other goodies......I rode out of his driveway after giving him $6200......I rode it to SLC and kept it for 2full summers and sold it in SEPTEMBER for $6300 and still gave it away according to SLC prices! :D

If you are seriously looking at a bike then go online to >>>>>>>>>CYCLE TRADER ONLINE SEARCH<<<<<<<HERE<<<<<<<<<

I am sure you can save $$$ even by paying shipping or going and getting it!


Let me know if you decide to ship. My friend has a shipping forward company and may be able to get a pretty good rate. Just PM me! :D

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