engine oil question

a friend told me he got 10w/40 sj oil called 'delphy' which is a semi sintetic oil made in england. the price is less then half the price of other make and its not specified for motorcycles but for any modern car n motorcycle.

do u think its safe to give it a try? i change the engine oil after every 4 rides (300 km).


what is sj ?

i though of moving to a cheaper oil and change the oil more friquently...

:) First off

Dont Buy anything from the Brits ?


Search for oil in the threads plenty of dicision making info there. Oil is personal Prefreance, Just make sure if you do get Synthetic that it is not energy absorbing. Some people here like Mobile 1, I like Castrol Actevo 20-50. Others like other oil, it is what you are comfortable with.

Yamalube is a good oil cheep and can be changed often enough

This is the only thing I found regarding Delphy Oil From England, I did a search for delphy oil in google and came up with this. Search for Oil

Intresting Peice


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There are a couple of guys running delvac, one guy on here went nuts with his research, basically found out that they put the same stuff in a lot of different bottles. Do an oil search on this site, youll have plenty of reading.

Shawn I may be the "nut" you were referring to :) , I don't know if that's a back-handed compliment or what...... I didn't think I went crazy doing research but the stuff I did look into coupled with the info from Mike Gillory (see link above) I concluded you could safely run about anything as long as you change it freqently.


Your Right the ones who are nuts are the guys who buy the Stuff from Andy's recycled Oil and Fish Market. No Those guys are nuts :)

You mean, I can not use fish oil? The stuff works awesome!!!!!!!!

UGH! Dave, not fish oil. You must use "whale oil". It's one step better than snake oil.

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