Engine Loping/Sputtering

Hi y'all,


I just bought an xr600r dual sport, 1995.  I'd ridden it about 100 miles half street half dirt.  After bringing it back from the desert I rode it to a local car wash and power washed it, but since then I've had issues with it wanting to keep running.  It will start up fine, but I have to keep it wound up in order to keep it from dying, and it sputters when I give it gas.  Sometimes it dies anyway with a big "POP" when I'm stopped, and after that it takes a while to start again.  


At first I thought I may have sprayed some water in my exhaust when cleaning it, even though I was careful not to get the sprayer too close.  On the way home from the car wash I rode a few wheelies to try and purge it, but that didn't help.  It didn't have that issue when riding to the car wash station, and didn't have that issue in the desert beforehand.  


Is there something else I could have sprayed with the washer that may have caused this?  I don't smell gas or anything before or after riding it.  


Thanks in advance for the help!



Obviously you have gotten water somewhere, wiring, carb, air cleaner, fuel, probably in the bearings also. I never use a pressure washer even though we have one handy. The pros do but everything gets checked or replaced quite often.

Drain the float bowl. Sounds like you've got water in it.

Clean that carb, float needle, fuel/ air screw,

the water probably dried by now, but i make sure the air filter is nice and dry (still oily, but not water.) Though in all likelyhood there is probably a teeny bit of water in the fuel somewhere. 

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