WR450F 2012 Flasher

Hey guys,


My bike didn't have indicators on it when i purchased it and I'm trying to put them on at the moment. However they aren't lighting up and I cant seem to find the flasher for the indicators.


Can anyone tell me where this is usually located on the bike and maybe show me a picture?


thanks heaps in advance,


Georgia USA, or the country?


The WR in USA comes with Dual sport lighting equipment.

You have to buy the indicators, flasher, brake light swith, bar swich etc


Don't know how yours was delivered...

I might have worded it badly, I didn't buy the bike new, I got it used and the guy had taken all the road stuff off and couldn't find it :facepalm: .


I've bought some indicators and the bar switch, and have wired it up however I can't seem to find the flasher anywhere.


I know it might not be there but I'm trying to find where it plugs in so I can find out.

The flasher relay is behind the headlight. It's the large black block relay.

Ok thanks, will try and find where it plugs in there.

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