Anyone ride Hollister Hills CA

:) Looking for anyone who might live in the Hollister area and rides Hollister Hills. I never ride along Rule # 1 and rule # 2 is never forget Rule # 1.

The guys eye ride with are Ktoomers and are pretty much broke down all the time or just plain site see'rs.

I might be a ego maniac but I am a reaaaally nice guy once you prove your faster then me :D

Anyway always looking for common Bros who want to ride

I ride there all the time. I live In Fremont,CA and we will be camping there this weekend Fri and sat. Did you have a question about the place or just wanted someone to ride with?

No question grew up there basicly, just would like to get together with other TT'rs and ride. I will be there Sat 30th. So looking maybe to hook up

I will be there but I wont have my 426 this weekend. I am bringing my quad and RM 250 instead. I cant fit it all in my truck and trailer cause Im bringing the kids and there toys as well. your welcome to ride with us. Have you done the BK mod or any other mods from this bulletin board?If so Id love to see the BK mod so I can do it for mine just scared to mess with it really but if I see it and I might do it.

let me know.


Ya BK Mod was done a while ago, it is very simple to do just time consuming pulling everything apart. But it is well worth it. I have not had any problem with fouling plugs so I have not doen the Blue wire fix. Other then taht just tinkering and all.

Motoman has a reall good link to the mod with pics well done.. :D

:) Just offering but the Mod only takes about 5 minutes to do once the carb is off, I have the TAP, Drill, 4 mm Allen Bolt and Spring. Ripe that Carb off and we can do it Sat ?? Just throing it out there

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Hey EGO my dad and I are riding Hollister tomorrow 3-27. We will be at Flap Jacks for breakfast and then off to Hollister we will be staging at the Vintage track If your interested come on out. Hopefully we can keep up. :)


:) Sorry Huge I cant make it then, Only Saturday, but maybe sometime we all can hook up for the day / weekend or get a few TT'rs from ths area. Have a good breakfast at flap jacks best freaking Pancakes in the world arnt they ?

Have fune Be sidways

Mostlikely Keepup and Pass

If you are saying keeping up with eating flap jacks no way hosa Noone can out tank me in the flap jack eatin path.....

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Confirmed will be ther Sat, we usually are in the back lot also last camp ground end of road. I have the awsome yz the guy with me will be a goofy looking KTM Rider, ya know like he just cost stuck with another repair bill


See ya then

EGO 10-4 on the Flapjacks greta people and the best breakfast in town. Do you just ride Hollister or due you venture south to Clear Creek?

While the rain is here we should take advantage of the quality riding area just south of Hollister. If you havn't been you have been missing out.


Hey did you know robbie D ?

I did nice guy lots of stories to tell..

Huge :) I created the trails at clear creek. I have riden clear creak for years went there only in winter, Asbestos will kill ya. Ya that woul dbe a god thing to get a cravan down there for a week end before it drys out.

Did you here that the BL and the some other eviro nazi's closed down the Ceder Grove trail.. Guys from the salinas I think and another MC club Volinteered to help re reoute the trail and all but the Enviro Nazi's want it all closed. Anyway the Ceder Grove trail is one of the oldest old growth cerders in CA. I am cool with closing it down, But not a Pack of land a mile wide.

I live in hollister and have riden most everyware even when Panoch was open......

egoahole,keep a eye out for me this weekend at hollister.if i can make it over there. you'll probably find me at upper track in the morning and lower motocross track after lunch.if im there you'll notice me.hopefully i can get you to give me some pointers or riding tips.when your not to busy roosting on might have to change your name after a day of riding with me.__hr_imsnowman.jpg?bcTAG88ATB4yM8lp

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Chk your Priv msg

Sounds good. I will bring the carb and if we hook up we can do it.Im gonna be camping out at the last campground hopefully.I have a big blue chevy truck with huge chrome Twisted logo (from sponsor) (I race quads) on back window and Pro comp everything on truck.license plate (Steckel) hope to see you there. if you get a chance check my web page so you will see what my quad looks like if you see me on the trails. go to Yahoo and type in Casey Steckel



Roger Dodger Freestyle

I will be way in the back last camp end of road. Ya cant miss me I will be next to a KTM rider who trucks his bike in with a old Battlewagon (Station wagon) Paid so much for the bike cant afford a truck HAHAHA

Looking forward to meeting you

There is a group of us (3) going down to the Creek Friday. If anyone is interested meet us at FlapJacks when they open at 7am. We plan on riding some of the Quicksilver and exploring South of the Microwave Towers. Probably do 60 to 80 miles.

Three full days of riding in one week life is great, huge

Huge Howard

How was the hills, Mainly Back 40 in the woods ?

Dry wet slippery, Its been dry so I figure the Mud should be good and taky now.

Fri me Burday taken it off but I have too many honey - doos to do so I only get Sat Man thats a drag

Hope all is good, Maybe I will see ya at flap jacks in the morning its 5 min away for me

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