Hate the Rear Brake on the 00

:) I have been lookig for an ABS system for the rear brake on the 00. I have been looking at a few options mainly just swapping the master cylander with another (aka all in one). Anyone out there been successful at that or what.

I have read all the Threads on the site but nothing about setting up another master.

:D Eegad whats the world coming too Ego needs Help, Read it and weep folks the Ego has landed

Hey Ego, whats giving you trouble with your brake? The line on mine popped like a grape, which was a little scary, since it happened in 4th going down a big hill, that you have to, and I mean have to, make the corner, or you'd be leaving by air lift. I replaced the line with a SS one, and it hasnt been a problem since.

Its just way to touchy for me style, Have tried backing it up some to give the Pedel more play, no helpie. So I go back to me RR and Dirt Track days when all I had was a rear Brake, gotta be a way to make the feel more better :)

Put some of those "orgainic" pads in it. Ive heard other guys say that really takes the edge off the rear brake. My rotor had just a tad of run out in it, really locked up bad. Bought a new rotor, sanded the pads off with 220 seems to work great now. I dont know what kind of pads are in the back, but they arent stock yamaha units.

My rear brake resevoir broke off the first week I had my bike. It's now zip tied and taped to the metal guard and aint goin nowhere!

If all you had in Roadracing was a rear brake yu were slow. Cya :)

:) Fastest1

Only had a rear brack on the DT'r RR had non they just slowed ya down. Doh!

Back when I was a kid, I rode a 100 kawasaki green streak flat track, they didnt allow hardly any brakes, the rule was you could run the rear brake but you could only have one shoe in it. Thank god for compression releases, or I would have never gotten that thing turned, Champion frame or not.

You want some memories go get the latest issue of MXA page 128 was that yours

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