Steering Damper Installation?

I'm going to buy a Scott's. Since I don't weld, thought I'd get the clamp on post. Wondering if the weld on is really any better?

John, I installed the clamp-on version on my 00WR400 and so far have not had any problems with it. It is a piece of cake. Just check the fit of the clamp on your steering post. Check for excessive welding spatter or high spots. If you have some, file them down and re-check the clamp again. The clamp should be able to go all the way down and rest on the inside lip of the clamp. Check to make sure that it sits squarly and tighten it. There is not a lot of stress placed on the clamp by the dampner itself, so the only risk is if the clamp is not well seated and torked down it could vibrate or get knocked loose. Since I have had mine installed, my bike has been dumped, dragged, pulled and pushed over stuff and, ridden hard without a glitch of any kind. Good Luck! P.S. You will love it!

My YZ-400 has the origunal bolt on kit for the 98 model It bolts to the oil filler tube, kinda like the XR's do, but the oil filler cap remains in place. It would never stay put, so I welded it in place. My KTM 520 has the new style bolt on kit, aroung the steering stem. It work's great. The weld on post is no better, and sure does suck if it breaks, and yes sometimes they break.

The new style bolt on is the only way to go.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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Thanks for the info, that's what I needed to know. Bolt on it is.

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