First Hare Scramble: Gatorback Raceway

I got talked into trying a Hare scramble out on Sunday at Gatorback, and I have to tell you it was pretty fun, maybe not something I would do every weekend, but definately a cool change of pace from motocross. I was actually pretty excited just about being able to run a little bit of the famous track. I ran 4 Stroke B, really, I had no idea what class I would competitive in, let alone finish after I found out I had to run 6 laps instead 4. It was tough, there was a section of road, dust covered quarry road, when I could let the beast eat, actually hit the rev limiter in 5th gear, on the second lap, after that I was a little to tired to go WOT around there. The sand woops in the trees were pretty tough, mixed in with the slow stuff was some really fun uphills, STEEP down hills, overall it was a blast to experiance.

I definately have a new found respect for a side of our sport that I knew nothing about, from the guy wearing and open face helmet, jeans and work boots, to the AA guy that blew my doors in, we are all in it for the passion of the best sport around..

Hey BK,

So, you liked the race, huh? I run B-4stk too, and I loved the race! I got off the line last (but redeemed my self with a wheelie to turn one :) ), but caught up with half the field. What number/bike were you on?

Hope you show up for more of these (maybe even for a hard one :D )...



I did enjoy the race for sure, it was a little more riding than I expected. The parts I didnt like of the track, we overshadowed by the fun parts by a mile. I was on a 426, #141. The last "one" was electrical tape, so was the "B", it looked a little funny. But no where near as bad as my friends though, at the riders meeting we found out you had to have the correct color background, so I found some red background, and as fast as I could cut pieces to fit around his numbers to hide as much of the white as possible, it was too funny. I think you were right next to me, I was the last bike on the right hand side. I may do a few more, but this week is MX, I'm going to Thundercross for the LL qualifier, should be alot of fun down there too.

Hey good luck on the LL quals. I am sure you will do fine as long as say Emig doesn't show up. :):D:D:D:D:D:D

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