My Lights stopped working????

Hi everyone,

Just noticed yesterday that my lights stopped working. What do you think the likely cause is? Bad switch?



Is this the stock lighting or a DS kit? If it's stock it could be a number of things. It could be a bad switch, disconnected wire, etc. Also if the AC regulator fails or is disconnected you will blow both bulbs. Or it could just be that both bulbs went out by coincidence. :)

Stock Lighting. Don't know what happened. I had to take off front light and know I plugged it back in. Neither front or back is working.


My switch fried at about 500 miles. I jury rigged something together and it still works.



If you find it is your stock switch i have one i can give you :D

Let me know :)

any one parting his/her 98/02 wr400/426 main wire harness with voltage reg? i only can paypal.. thanks

Check the wiring on the top of the cylinder of the BACK brake. I have a '98 and the wiring was very close to the exhaust, causing it to melt and short out the entire system. New wire, repositioned, solved my problem.


If you find it is your stock switch i have one i can give you :)

Let me know :D


You da man :D I suppose I can just take out the switch and hard wire it together and then check it. :D


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