Yes.. your YZ450 can make a great woods bike

or you could put the WR transmission, or just the WR 1-2 , in the YZ motor

You still dont have the same great enduro bike, and its helluva lot more work to change the gears the exhaustcam and exhaust. Hell, you dont even have to change the cam, its more low end torque with the wr cam

My YZ really does well in the tight woods of Oregon, lots of trees. However, it really is all relative. My son just bought a new KTM 350xcrf and its like riding a 125cc, quick and nimble, with a 450cc engine. We traded rides for a while and I am impressed. I have an old 2002 KTM 520sx and I've never been able to get it to handle properly so I was skepticle. You could actuate the juice clutch with your pinky. My YZ does Ok but it will never keep up with that KTM. KTM finally got rid of that goofy European feel, stink bugging around corners. That bike feels like a 125 Honda now. So... I have an OK woods bike for about $5000. My son has a phenomenal woods bike for $8000. (He got a 2016 for $8000 because they needed the room for the 2017's.) I suppose it all comes down to money, it usually does.

Quick update on all the cheap, (except the rekluse) but effective woods modifications... I forgot to include the lowering suspension link, that has proved to be nearly as important as the rekluse clutch. I want to put a radiator fan on it with a LiPo battery but can't figure out how to keep it charged.

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