Thoughts about giving Motoman393 a hand with bandwidth

:) Personally I would go for it, But remember to that advertisers like DrD can benifit from buying time here also. I would liek to see the Forum expand, I would also not mind seeing some other advertisements either(Dont get carried away). But I also think too that first time contributions is a good thing. People will die off real quick if ya have to pay to play. that would be a bad thing.

But MotoMan is right with the link post, I think its time

:) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ok wait maybe I did not understand here

Motoman is this your Website ?

No is not my website (ya scared me there for a second LOL)

--HERE-- is my website. I dont have any advertisers and dont get paid to do my site...I post the info because I know how to do web pages and it helps people in the process. Thanks,


Try that. You can register your own domain, and the hosting fees aren't all that bad and include allot of CGI features and free server side scripts. The basic plan starts at 8.95 per month. If your getting a ton of hits contact Who knows... maybe you can seel them on some banner adds on your site.


Have you tried to determin where the majority of your hits come from? By that I mean do you get a lot of traffic that originates from TT or DRN or elsewhere? If a significant amount of your traffic is a result of TT maybe TT would consider mirroring your content.

I posted on the 250f site as well, but.....

I have 2 AOL accounts, can have a BUNCH more....perhaps I should make three bogus names. Those names will be allowed 2 or 3 megs of FTP storage space each. Thats close to 9 there!

My one account i currently have is set up for 12 megs, but I use that to store videos for TTalk, to send to my uncle, and just for miscelanious stuff of my own, so I couldn't put alot there, but perhaps some! My main name (DethWshBkr) has remnants of my old web page, and probably had a few KB left in it!

I can make more screen names, and set them up for 12 megs each, perhaps I alone could give you 36 megs of FTP storage space!!

Let me know!!, or just PM me, or post here!

There, I just created 2 screen names, (KTMThumpr523) and (ThumperTalkin)

HiFlyKX523 was back when I had my KX250, I think I will restrict all e-mail to it, and designate IT as a storage name. KTMThumpr523 and DethWshBkr will now be my primary I can store stuff for ya!


Have you tried to determin where the majority of your hits come from? By that I mean do you get a lot of traffic that originates from TT or DRN or elsewhere? If a significant amount of your traffic is a result of TT maybe TT would consider mirroring your content.

I dont spend much time on DRN...I go there maybe once every 1-2wks. Almost all my hits come from TTalk last time I checked I think it was around 90% and the other ~10% is from potential buyers for my 00' Mustang GT I am trying to sell, it is advertised on a few online sites with a direct link to my site. Alot of my bandwidth was being used up by the videos I had in the downloads section...well I removed them and it worked temporarily. But now I am back to exceeding the limit everyday.

I thought about adding a password to my site and only allowing access to TTalk members... but since the majority of my visitors are from TTalk it doesnt make sense (not to mention how many emails I would get saying "what is the password, etc, etc) Thanks,



I appreciate your offer...but my problem is not storage space it is bandwidth. I have 50MB of total storage space (I only have used 11.8MB of it) but tripod only allows 1GB of bandwidth per month (which is 33.3MB per day) Whenver my site gets to 33.3MB for that day it shuts down for a few hours (on average I use 60-110MB a day) Bandwidth is the transfer of files to the viewers computer. So lets say the BK mod page is 1MB and 50 people view it in 1 day I have used 50MB of bandwidth (and that is over the limit).

Its too bad the tripod server doesnt have a light blue wire I could unplug :) and I dont think the BK mod would work on it either. So I guess I need a bored out server (maybe a YZ450mhz) LOL Thanks,


Garrett, I don't know if AOL has such restrictions on their web pages. Especially since AOL wants you to place ALL your stuff for viewing on AOL, and there are SO MANY members. Tripod strikes me as one of those highly "limited" sites, it's free, or low cost, but you're very restricted.

AOL on the other-hand, is a huge community, based on the ability to have THOUSANDS of people using pages.

I'm no HTML expert, but mabey with some code templates, and the files, I could transfer your site to one of my names...and I learn quickly, so I usually can adapt and modify things if needed. I used to be MUCH better, but four years out of high school really shrinks the brain....


Check your PM's...



Well if most of the traffic is from TT then I think you should shoot an email over to Bryan or Steve and tell them what is going on. Maybe they would let you put a page with all your info right on TT. Or maybe a page like the entry page to the WR forum. Another alternative would be to mirror some of your content to one of the free hosting services out there on the web.

garrett - Bryan replied to the post on the 250F side - TT wants to help. Check out the post.


Maybe I can Help, Not Sure if you are using AIM or IM let me know or send me an email at mailto:// I have bandwidth and may be able to spare a few. I will work with you off line (No Promises) I work in the Industry and have connects :)

BTW Nothing Illegle :D

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Motoman look at the hosting WWW.SENTRIS.COM has to offer. I know they have done great with the site that I have hosted with them. It cost me 14.95 for domain name and 50.00 per year for 1000 mb with all the goodies. Not sure what the bandwidth is tho right off hand. Maybe it will help.

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