2015 WR450 fuel consumption

I went on the third ride with my WR yesterday and the fuel light came on in only 30 miles. I have the competition ECU and FMF pipe, all else stock.

I am a very new rider so tend to be in a lower gear not going as fast as most. Is this consumption normal? What do others see?

Sounds normal. Keep in mind the fuel light comes on quite prematurely. I can get about 60-70 miles out of a stock tank of gas messing around in supermoto trim and the light comes on in the 40's iirc. I have the ECU, screw, open airbox, pipe, and header. Running the FMF map. Gas hog indeed.

Yup about normal, a 10 liter tank would be ideal for me. I normally carry two, 1 L fuel bottles with me.

How do you carry those? Have you looked at a larger tank?

The IMS 3 gallon tank is well worth the money. I can go most of the day (riding hard) on one tank. Easy to put on and doesn't really effect the seating position or balance.

And dirznuts is absolutely correct. The FMF map is a total hog. I ran that for a couple rides and found the bush and motocross maps are suitable replacement maps.

Thanks for the response. I am running the out of the box map in the competition ecu.

Nice! I'm waiting for the Zacspeed recon to be back in stock. Great looking packs.

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