Stock jets in 03WR450F

I purchased a used 03wr450 and I think the airbox snorkel is removed since I was going crazy trying to find out how to put it out when it wasn't there to begin with. I bought a yz throttle stop and found the one in there was ground, so I replaced it. It has a 152 main jet. I bought it from a guy who lives at 9000+ feet. The manual says 150 stock, 160 non-usa stock. Normally at high altitudes you would drop the jet down in size, what is the original stock on the 03 wr450? Please give me the Pilot Jet also if you would. Thanks

'03 WR's came jetted woefully lean which was part of the problem with the woodruff key shearing. The 04's come with a 165 main and a 45 pilot, needle is the same. The engine is unchanged (other than the starter update of course).


The stock mj was a 150 and pj was a 45. You did not say what altitude you are at, so I can not make a suggestion for your target.

I have had very good luck with the settings in my signature with no low rpm bog while riding.

What did you pay for the bike? I love mine and have had no starter or key issues. Have fun!

Ride fast - take chances



I paid 5900 for the bike. It had 159 miles on it. The guy was an older gent who used to ride when he was younger. Turns out the bike was too much for him, so he was going to sell it and get a kdx 300 or something like that. I think he dumped it once on a woods trail so it has like 2 or 3 fender scratches, other than that, it is in pristine condition. I bought it in october, rode it 100 yards and stored it for the winter.

I am at 8150 feet and took out the exhaust plug, disconnected the grey wire, opened up the airbox with cutouts, pulled the snorkel, yz throttle stop. It has a hiccup during 1/4 throttle. Other than that, I need to ride it to find out. I would love some suggestions on my initial setup.

Thanks, Redwoods


Do you know the clip position of the needle?

Ride fast - take chances


It should be in the 4th position unless it was changed. I have the carb off now so I will check it before I put it back on. I think the 4th position is the stock setting.

I just bought some protective armor gear so I can ride fast, but I don't know about the chances! I am recovering from a broken tib/fib while skiing last year so I am going to:

ride slow - be safe!

Thanks for the help.

Ah, the old tib/fib break. I did mine in 2001 flat track racing. It's alot better once the rod comes out. I raced with the rod in for a full season (2nd overall in my class) and had it taken out over Xmas.

Good luck.

Ride fast - take chances


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