Need to know asap. Yz400f

I own and ride a 1999 yz400f that i picked up on Craigslist for a steal. I had it running well for quite a while, but lately the carburetor has just been having wayyy too many problems. Does anybody know if the 1999 wr400f carburetor will work with my bike? I was told it does if the computers are the same, but I'm unaware if they are.

Have you tried to rebuild the carb? That might be a more cost effective route to buying a different carb. Yamaha has loads of parts diagrams on their website that could help you determine if the carbs would be compatible.

Just about all bigbore WR/YZ carbs are compatible. Some are better carbs than others, but I'd expect the WR carb to work. Newer is typically better, 05+ YZ450F is the best option.

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