426 Parts Blow Out!

item #1 talon/excel front and rear wheels,hubs and disc for 2000 yz426 $550.

item #2 dsp stainless pipe for 2000 yz426 $150.

item #3 billetanium hydraulic clutch for 2000 yz426 $50.

item #4 up-tite racing pipe for 2000 yz426 $75.

item #5 applied top clamps for 2000 yz426 $25.

We can work out the details on shipping, I'm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

E-Mail Jerry at dblj_97@yahoo.com

I'm in for the top clamp. I'll e-mail and PM.

Will the hydraulic clutch fit on a 99 YZ400?? Thanks!

I'm interested in the clutch, wheels/hubs, and DSP pipe. Can I ask you for photos? and just why you're getting rid of this stuff?

Thanks Email me a phone number if you could please jeff@motoview.com

I'm interested in the clutch, but have the same question, will fit my baby??

I am intrested in the clutch, will it fit my 2002 WR426, I am also intrested in the wheels, what color are the rims? You can Email me directly at Jeffharmonson@Aol.com

Thumpersalad - Victor, yes the hydro clutch will fit a '99. Thumperfanatic, it should fit an '02. Just call your shop and see if any of the part numbers have changed since '01. - The hubs are silver and the rims are silver. The wheels where used for spares (very low hours, they are like new). Theses items are for sale because the individual that owns them bought a different brand bike. He had several YZ400-426's over the last several seasons. He did like most of us do when we sell our bike, he pulled off some of the trick parts and put back the stock ones.


If you still have the hydraulic clutch, I have the money!

Please let me know. Here's my mail:



fullsize, You'll have to decide, cause i also have the money, and i really want and need the clutch.

What are we going to do? :)

I hope that thumpsalad will touch his heart....


Thanks for the interest, e-mail me with your phone numbers. I'll give you a call. I'll be fair about it, first come (with money) first served.


I e-mailed you with contact info at my work. Thanks!

I am very interested in the wheels, front and rear. Looking to get a pair ASAP.


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