Anybody ride Saddle back?

If anybody is riding Saddleback in socal, Id really like to know what tire your running on the back , especially if you like it. I'm running a K695 (14psi) that seems to be not unlike riding on wet ice with a steel skateboard wheel. Just the slightest crack of the trottle and the tire is spinning like a A/A Fuel burnout. Could be my shock settings, but I dont know which way to go with them to fix this. The tire isnt new, but its not that bad either. I just landed on my head because the tire spun instead of hookin and I came up short, front wheel down. Ow. I need a new fender too.

Where is saddleback. I normally ride the Elsinore track but when I went out there last week it sucked so bad I took it home early. It's normally one of the best places to ride but not since last week.

SB is In OC. near (next to) Irvine lake.

Ive been there once, Running the stock rear tire there, yeah it is kinda slippery with the hard dirt and dirt clods. It kinda makes it seem like your riding on marbles.....

I spun out once, actually at the end of the day, my excuse was I was gettin tired!!!(yeah right)

I rode Bare Back Once

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