We're to find this tail for 2005 yz450f?

Hi guys just have a question about plastics I have a 2005 yz450f and was wondering were can I get this tail it is not stock or ufo because it does not droop at all I think it looks really good and want one. But can't find them anywere. http://m.mco-supermoto.de.tl/Yamaha-YZ250F-2005-Crosser.htm thanks

Please help. Can't find it anywere. Does anyone know we're to find one? Can I put a 2 stroke rear fender on?

No, you can't put a two stroke fender on.  The rear fender in the picture looks like a stock fender that's been trimmed shorter.  You make them, not buy them.

OK that might be it the only thing is it looks like it comes straight out. The stock fender bends toward the ground straight from the seat.

He may have adapted an '06 rear fender.  

Can it be done?

If it is possible I would totally do it.

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