looking at a used '01 426. there was occasional hesitation on accelerator in neutral and does the head always seem that noisy? Thanks

depends how noisy. mine is noisy.

Mine's quieter than my DRZ. :)

Mine's pretty noisy and as far as the "accelerator" I would take it for a ride. You can actually kill my bike right now by whacking the throttle in neutral but riding the bike is like going for a ride in John Force's funny car.

I bought mine used and have had 0 problems over the last 8 months.

My '01 is noisy but it all kinda blends in and there's no stand-out clanking or anything.

As for the hesitation, that's weird for an '01. Mine is completely stock and once it's warm there is absolutely no hesitation at all. I frequently exit corners in 3rd when it's running just a hair above idle speed and I can open it right up with no bog or anything. Find it if he's fiddled with the jetting or anything, or maybe it just needs the carb cleaned. I'm at sea level and it's typically over 70 degrees when I ride (usually over 80) if this helps. When the motor is cold then it is possible to stall it by snapping it open to quickly, but once warm it's pretty solid.

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