Okay so I have an 03 wr450 and I plan on making it a street-legal. I was just wondering what sprocket size for the front and back would be the best for driving on City roads but would also be ok for occasional off-roading. I will post what sprocket sizes I have right now later on tomorrow

The simplest thing to do is go +1 on the front. If you are going to do an off road only trip, just swap the old front sprocket back on. If your primary use off the bike is street, +1 on front & -2 on rear. This is equal to -5 on the rear, but gives the chain a little more life by using a larger front sprocket.

What's the highest speed you'll want to cruise at? For all city stuff I could see stock gearing being reasonable. Freeway is when you want tall gearing. 

Stock on my '08 is 13/50 which became buzzy on the road around 45mph.  I went to a 15/46 setup and can cruise around 60-65 comfortably now.  First gear is a little tall for technical single track but still manageable.

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