Alternative to Chapparell

Someone posted the link to in a topic under ( NEVER again) and I wanted to let everyone know how awesome they've been to me. I call up on a thursday morning for a set of Dunlops for my YZ, and they are there waiting for me Friday. No overnight charges, nada.. Just great service. They have ALWAYS been awesome about getting me my stuff on time, and the prices have always been good. I deal with Gary L. 541-618-7380, or you can order online at

I've been treated good with their service, and I think they take american express too.

By the way, I don't work there.. haha.. but my friend Gary there has always treated me well and delivered on their promises

I found this in another newsgroup

"Just wanted to lay a beef down with The Chaparell

Guys. I went down to S.Cali. on vacation a few weeks

ago and decided to stop in the Chaparell showroom.

Anyway I ended up dropping major credit on new gear

parts,etc,etc. I go to the parts counter and ask the

guy if he has a front hub, wheel and a spoke kit for

an 01 YZ, he checks the back and ..booom comes back with all of the

above. I'm thinking cool, how many

other parts stores have a stock YZ hub laying around?

I explain to the guy that I live in N.Ca. and I ask

him to double check the part numbers so that everthing

fits correctly and he assures me that they all match,

so I make the purchase.

To make a long story short the hub and the spoke kit are from an 02

WR and I didn't find this out till I paid a guy $60 to build the

wheel. I call Chaparell and

explain my delima to them and that they gave me the wrong part and I'm

out the dough. These *******s make

millions of dollars a year selling you and I parts, not any cheaper

than most and they won't admit the mistake that their dumbass parts

counter boy made and flat fefused to work with me on a refund or

credit deal.

I mean, What the f)*(&(* is this world coming to?

I can't wait to find that *&(*&* parts boy."


I would go all the way to the top i.e. call and ask to speak with or write a letter to the prez. I'd almost bet you'll get some relief.

I've heard many a horror story about them but I must say (knock on wood), I've had good luck with them. I go there in person 3-4 times a year and notice they have some stoners working behind the counter but I wouldn't say that was out of the norm for a lot of places.

Bottom Line: NEVER TRUST ANYONE BUT YOURSELF (& Mototalkers :) ), do the research and don't leave it up to the loser behind the counter.

Good Luck

:) I believ its called MORON's, INCOMPATENT, BONE HEADS, PIN HEADS, DOO-DOO heads

:) Ya know I am always amazed at the SKANKS that are on soe web sites like motorusa. I want to understand how this sells crap. Oh maybe I will buy from them cuz they have half naked SKANKS on there web site. Man I want parts and Parts cheep, If I want SKANKS I will go down town to the Hollister Rally and see them

:D Just Blowing Off Steam Have not ridden in a few weeks

Ego, you NEED to ride bad!! Put down the mouse, and go find your bike!! NOW!! haha.. ( Those aren't Skanks.. they are very lovely ladies.. lol. Actually some of them aren't half bad!


:) Good from Far --- Far from Good

Ya buddy this weekend

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