2012+ WR headlight reviews?

I currently have a 2007-11 WR style headlight on my WR. Stock light output was garbage, and upgraded the bulb with a Cyclops 3600 LM led. Very noticeable improvement and much more visible. I know people have said this particular reflector is not very good for night riding; biggest issue I have with it is a large black spot directly in front of the bike from where the fender sits in the site line of the headlight reflector.

I am considering swapping over to the newer style WR headlight to maybe improve my night riding visibility. It appears that not only is the reflector larger, but it sits up higher away from the fender, which may shrink the dark spot in front of the bike. I know people have made the swap of the newer reflector on their WR's and was curious if they were happy with the performance results and if it was worth it. Any input would be greatly appreciated; good, bad, or indifferent. Thanks.

A smaller fender may help your case out.


I can ride at night just fine with a tinted visor and the stock light setup on my 2012. It puts out a pretty nice beam for a dirtbike light if you can separate the low and high beam. Worth a shot.

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