white stuff

the rubber tube on the left side of the frame in front of the engine, after i shut my bike off after riding and go in the house for about a half hour, i come back and there is white stuff on the ground or on my stand coming from this tube. my dad said it was crankcase condensation. another of my friends said he never seen anything like that on a fourstroke before. can any of you tell me what it is and if i should worry about it and if its normal please? if it aint normal, what is it and what do i gotta do to fix it?

oil+water = white gunk

mine does the same thing.


Its normal dont worry about it! I saw a guy with a 250f that his crankcase tube was dripping pink...it turns out he uses a red oil (I think it was amsoil) Later,


If it's doing it a lot then pop your dip stick out to see if your oil is milky. If it is then you are getting a lot of water in the oil somehow and you need to check it out. If not then just like everyone said, don't worry. :)

its just one or 2 drips

Dude I think your Bike is Smuggling Coke, Where did you buy the bike ? I hope it was not from the CAli Cartel

HeHa :)

CANADA DUDE! we better retrace my steps and find the source! im surprised i got over the border!

:) Ya just gotta laugh if not then the head explodes

Hey thumper!,

Don't be so quick to write this off. the same thing happend to me and I got some great advise from some folks here on this site. It turnes out that the water pump impeller shaft seal was bad. After I replaced it, it never happened again. If you're ridding where it is wet, it's probably normal. However, if your ridding where it is dry and it still happens, you seal is most definitely bad. Only about a 20 min. fix though. Good luck!


ouch :)

its only 2 drips though? and it was not like mud wet when i rode, but it wasn't like desert dry. it was dark brown/black dirt so it was like tacky dirt and it was really cold and it was popping on deceleration so it was lean, if that has anything to do with it?

Amador set a red flag to me, If this was his experiance then it is worth checking and keeping in your back pocket of knowledge. I am not sure how much the tool costs but a good Coolant system pressure checker is probably the best way to check for leaks out side of the suggested Milky Oil and so on. I would Drain the Oil and look for signs of Water / Coolant. If you find evidence that there is a water / coolant presance then I would follow Amador's Lead and chk further into the Collant system.

:) Good Info Here

Pressure checking the cooling system is worth the trouble. Water in the oil is never a good thing. It may be an easy fix if its just the waterpump impeller seal, but if not........Id check it further.

Just my $.02

I get that kind of droppage from time to time. I never have milky oil and the water level in the bike has remained consistent for months.

I will check mine this weekend to see if it still does it.

get back to me on it, so i can compare :)

mine has been every time after i ride it for at least 20 minutes at a time...ive only had this one for a week and its been mighty cold.


No big deal man, Both my 426 and 250f were leaking white stuff. It was cold out as well,I'd say about +2 celseus. I think its just a cold weather thing.

Mine used to until I quite spraying off the inside of my silencer tip. I cant seem to keep the I.D. clean- always black! ouch__that hurt

j-kidden, alittle wet on floor, no white action- nock on wood.

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