Blown fuse?

Okay so here's the issue that I am having. I recently put a keyed ignition on my 03 WR450. When I did that I connected all four wires on the key to ignition To my button ignition that originally comes on the bike. When I did that I think I fried something or blew a fuse. But I don't know where it's at. The issue that I am having. Is even if I put a brand new button ignition on their. It comes factory. The lite on the button will not lite up and my electric start Does not work either. I have to kick start it. Even with a brand new button. So I know it has to be somewhere in the wiring and not with the old button. Where are the fuses or is there a fusible link somewhere in the wire.

Have a multimeter?

Can you provide some sort of sketch for the wiring you did.  I had a 03 WR and am familiar with the power button.  Two of the wires are for system power and the other two are for the light in the switch.  There is a potential to connect power directly to ground if you don't wire it correctly resulting in a blown main fuse.  The main fuse is under the seat near the battery.  If your key switch does not have a light then you only need to connect two wires through the switch: red and brown.  If you inadvertently connect red/black to black (the wires for the button light) through the key switch, you will short out the CDI unit which does not have a separate fuse.

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you will need a DVOM meter or a multimeter


At least you didn't blow a seal............wait for it......... leaves a bad taste in your mouth.............

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