'15-'16 vs '06-'09



I saw the another post concerning the new bikes vs the previous generation so I thought I would ask about this comparison.


I have the 2006 50th anniversary edition and really love the bike.  However, I wish I had fuel injection and the new 2016 60th anniversary has of course caught my eye.


My 2006 is reliable, starts within three kicks always.  It has served me for Motocross, Desert, Dunes, and Supermoto, but it now has 220 hours on it and is starting to look a little weary.  It's going to need a top end here soon as well.  Additionally, My son (age 12) is riding and racing and I have been riding more often with him and can now justify buying a new bike, well except for the major cash outlay.


What are your thoughts?




If your not riding as much Motocross, I would seriously consider the FX. Electric start, wr transmission, etc. Also if you want to make it more MX. Gytr sells the kick stand removal and kick start removal. This bike starts so easy. I'm considering removing the kick starter like KTM bikes.

Just man up and buy one. You will not be disappointed.

I had an 06 YZ450F. It was hot shit when it came out compared to the 3 earlier generation WR and YZ 4xx's I had before it, but the 16 is on the same level of improvement vs the 06, mostly with handling. That engine on the 06 was a real pussycat, my favorite of all the carbed bikes. The FX has that same characteristic but feels a bit more crisp and more powerful.

The '06 has much larger ergos, a slower handling feel, and the same suspension as the 2016

The 2016 will go down as a bike to have for years to come. Think it and it does it, a lot of power (more then my non-stock 08 crf450r) and ultimately the best choice of bikes. Highly adjustable with the bars, they moved pegs down 5mm which was my gripe about 15s, they seemed like they had my feet to high....I jumped on it and it's everything I dreamed. I will race this bike bone stock except the Yamaha stickers for the swingarm that comes on the yellow but not blue....so I bought that sticker for my blue one....


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