Couple of questions

1) I did my website a few yrs back on Geocities (yea it's free), but now it does not allow me to link pics to post. Is there a painless way to transfer to something better, that is free?

2) What about a website, that I could convert my jpegs to url's I have some new pics I'd like to show?

Thx in advance,

G-man... go to and sign up for an account. Is very very easy to upload pics and store in your own folder. Then, when you want to post a pic, right click on the pic you want to post and go to the properties menu. Copy the pic URL and paste it into your topic. Then, just before (no spaces) the pic URL type and just after (no spaces) type . The "/" is needed, so dont forget it. Then post topic. Hope this helps


See if you can ftp your entire site to your local computer. The limiting factor will be if geocities allows you to open an ftp connection to their server (or copy the files in any other way). If you can get it to your local computer then it will be very easy to transfer to another server. Some parts of the HTML may need to be adjusted if the paths used weren't all relative, but that should be cake. If you have multiple files then you can us something like BKReplacEm to search/replace on the entire site at once. Send me a PM if you have questions.

Also check your internet account, most accounts these days include at least some web space. In my personal experience these accounts typically provide better speeds than those free services which tend to skimp on bandwidth.

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