07 YZ450F valve replacement

I just bought a 07 YZ450F and I was digging into it and I discovered one of the Exhaust valves was sticking open.  I have the head apart and am wodering if I am going to replace the sticky valve do I need to replace all 5 valves or can I just replace the 2 exhaust valves and keep the intakes as they are?




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If one is sticking and you already have the head apart, why not replace everything at once for preventative measure?

Usually the intake valves wear first. I would send it out and have the seats cut to match the new valves and do the whole head.

You can replace just one valve, but you always need to have the seat(s) of the replaced valve(s) refinished whenever doing so. 


Why wouldn't you do all 5?  The difference between $100 and $475, plus gaskets.  The obvious problem with not doing all of them is that you don't really know how long any of the rest will last unless they are showing wear at near the limit already. 

The intake valves look almost brand new but the exhaust ones look like they could be the original valves.


Thanks for the input.

They could be.  The exhausts and the outer intakes in my '06 are.

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