yz cam mod

I am thinking about doing the yz cam mod on my bike but i have a few questions first.Does the mod make a significant difference in power?Is the intake cam also a perfect swap and ifso would it make a difference in power.Is there any other advantages of this cam in the wr?

Read the YZ cam mod in the YZ 400 section. It will answer any questions you can imagine. Great mod... :)

I just put the Hot Cams YZ 426 intake cam in my WR 400. Holy crap what a difference.

I put the 03 YZ450 Exhuast cam in my 02 WR426 about 3 months ago. A very good improvement for the money. The bike doesn't feel a lot faster because the powerband is smoother (Like a CRF450), but it is way easier to ride fast.

Other advantages, less compression braking, easy bumpstarts, and you can kick over the bike while sitting in the seat..

Just do it, you won't be disappointed.

Call www.worldofcycles.com for your cam. Under $100 shipped to your door...


Is there a difference between the yz cam and hot cams?

Is there a difference between the yz cam and hot cams?

Yes, Hot cams claim a mid to upper "improvement" where as the Yz450 cam gives you a much smoother power band with [@#$%&*!] loads of torque down low.

I'm contemplating on doing the auto decomp cam mod in my dual-sported '02 WR426. I am more interested in low end torque than high end HP. I would like the smooth broad powerband though. So for my needs, 95% trails, would the WR450 cam be a better choice?

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